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  • November 17, 2012 7:21 am
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RideIndia is one of its kind initiative to promote and develop the concept of Motorcycle Tourism in India. ‘Motorcycle Tourism’, has been around in India for quite a while, with people touring the highlands of Leh-Ladhak as early as 1970’s. Over the decades, this concept has evolved in various pockets of India. There are places like Manali & Delhi where you will find motorcycles on rent for adventurous rides; whereas, in places like Goa, where you will find two wheeler rentals just for commuting. We observed and studied this market and have launched RideIndia with a single aim to Organize this market and offer our own services and products to motorcycle enthusiasts.

There might be different reasons why people go for Motorcycle rides, some look at it as an adventure or a feat they want to achieve, some look at it as an accomplishment on their bucket list, some even find it blissful, while for some, it a way of life! We at RideIndia are dedicated towards providing you services & products in this arena. Right from Motorcycle Rentals to a simple yet useful Travel Gear we have everything well within your reach.

Our Motorcycle Rental platform is a unique service available in India today. You can make some cool bucks or maybe even earn a proper living by renting out your motorcycle by listing it on www.rideindia.co.in. There are many enthusiasts out there who want to enjoy motorcycle rides over a weekend or some epic long rides but without the investment. This service will help you reach those enthusiasts and establish a contact. Also, it’s free!

Live Free, Ride Hard

-Team RideIndia

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